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Sawfalling Whitewood

Swatch showing sample grain of Sawfalling Whitewood

Timber Specification for Sawfalling Whitewood

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Please note if FSC/PEFC certified wood is required please specify at time of placing an order.

Sawfalling Whitewood

Sawfalling Whitewood can be used for all the usual softwood purposes including general carpentry. It is popular for stairs manufacture.


General joinery, furniture, interior joinery, flooring, stair manufacturing and construction. 


Colour – The sapwood and heartwood of Sawfalling Whitewood are not clearly marked off from each other, the wood being a very pale yellowish-brown colour, sometimes almost whitish.

Grain – Slight growth ring figure.

Texture – Medium.


Natural Durability – Non-durable but it responds well to all preservative agents including water soluble preservatives.

Ease Of Drying – It is a lightweight species averaging when fully dry only 490kg/m³. Drying creates no special problems except when knotty. The wood holds its shape well when dry.

Movement In Service – Medium.

Working Properties

Sawfalling Whitewood works well with standard equipment and worked edges remain sharp. However, it is not popular for purposes such as turning.

Planing  – The planed surfaces of the wood have a slight sheen and are only very slightly resinous.

Steam Bending –  Not popular.


Takes treatments and paints well.



Specification for Sawfalling Whitewood

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Sawfalling Whitewood Specification




Whitewood sawn timber
Whitewood sawn timber


Sawfalling whitewood timber texture
Sawfalling whitewood timber texture


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Whitewood and Redwood Stock

Photo of timber stock in Illingworth Ingham's timber warehouse, including Sawfalling Whitewood
Whitewood and Redwood Stock


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