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Major Investment In Green Energy Production

Major Investment In Green Energy Production

Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd completed a major investment project aimed at significantly reducing their energy consumption, energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

A new Solar Photovoltaics system has been installed at our Trafford Park Sawmills by Ashton- Under-Lyme based Energy Gain UK. Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd spent months rigorously searching for the best partners and were assisted in their search and evaluation by Dave Langford, a Renewable Energy Consultant. David worked with Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd and oversaw the whole process helping to ensure that installation was carried out on time and on budget.

The project was installed by Energy Gain UK Ltd. The process started with energy profiling and progressed through to design, verification and construction. The 200Kw installation is the equivalent of over 50 domestic installations.

The Trafford Park site provides bulk timber supplies to joinery manufacturers, timber merchants, house builders, kitchen, window, door and stair manufacturers through the North of England and Midlands.

The Trafford Park mill produces approximately 14,760,000 linear meters of machined timbers per annum . The new solar power system will not only provide the required 180,000 kilowatts of free green electricity to power the facility, it will also produce an approximate additional 40,000 kilowatts which will go back into the national grid. To put this into perspective the annual production of electricity at the site is equivalent to 9,734,845 gallons of petrol.


Solar monitors

The solar panels have a 25 year performance guarantee, with an expected lifetime generation of 40 years. Total green electricity production by the end of that 40 year period is expected to be 6.8 Mwh.

Simon Graveley, Chairman of Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd said “We operate in a very competitive market so it is important to us to be able to find cost savings that we can pass onto our customers and use to reduce our overall running costs.”

We are also very conscious about our impact on the environment so being able to reduce our carbon footprint by 94,428 kg CO2 per annum and 3.6 m KgCO2 over the life time of the panels was another important consideration. Our annual green electricity production will be equivalent to 3,600 trees cleaning the air each year.

Our commitment to the environment is further supported by the fact that as an FSC® approved supplier the vast majority of the timber that we purchase and supply has a chain of custody that ensures for every tree we are supplied with 6 trees are planted in their place.

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