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African Iroko

Iroko African Hardwood Timber


Timber Specification for African Iroko Hardwood Timber

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African Iroko

African Iroko is a strong, very durable timber of attractive appearance and small movement. It is suitable for many purposes for which teak is used.


Exterior and Interior joinery, including laboratories, kitchens, outside furniture, construction, boat building, piling and marine work.


Colour – African Iroko is yellowish brown, deepening to dark brown, with lighter markings
Grain – Typically interlocked and sometimes irregular.
Texture – Medium.


Strength – Slightly lower than European Beech or Teak.

Weight – 660 kg/m³

Ease Of Drying  – Dries well and fairly rapidly without much degrade. Little splitting or distortion occurs but there is some tendency for stick marks to appear during drying.

Movement In Service – Small.

Preservative Treatment – Extremely Resistant.

Working Properties

Machining – Machines with medium ease, interlocked grain can affect machining.

Sawing –  Satisfactory.  

Planing – Can be planed with a reduction of cutting angle to 15 degrees.

Blunting effect on cutters –  moderate but severe when stone deposits exist.

Nailing – Satisfactory.

Gluing – Satisfactory.


Staining and Polishing – Good when filled.


African Iroko Hardwood Timber Video

Watch the Hardwood Timber Video for African Iroko

African Iroko Hardwood Timber-Video


African Iroko Data Sheet

Hardwood Timber Specification Sheet for African Iroko

African Iroko



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Iroko hardwood floor
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