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Engineered Timber

Wider, longer sized sections that don’t compromise on quality

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Engineered timbers fall into two different types, Finger Jointed or Laminated. At Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd we can advise on the best type for your needs.


Finger Jointed Timbers

Finger jointed timbers uses the best, fault free pieces of wood which have any defects removed . The fault free sections are put together to make a much stronger, better quality piece of wood which can be up to 6 m long.

Finger jointing technology is recognised as the most stable method to produce very long wood components or to separate out knots and cracks which would otherwise lower the strength of the timber.  By using finger joints it is possible to joint short pieces of wood into one much longer, stronger better quality piece of timber.

Whilst finger jointing can enhance the natural beauty of the timber, it can also result in different shades appearing within the length of timber.


Laminated Timbers

American Oak Laminated Handrail
Laminated American White Oak Handrail blanks 60 x 70 fin 4.2L with 3 lams. Perfectly straight
American White Oak laminated Handrail
Laminated American White Oak Handrail blanks 60 x 70 fin 4.2L with 3 lams. Perfectly straight



If you are looking for wider sized sections without compromising on quality and stability laminated timber sections and components could be the ideal solution for you. It is now possible to have the width or thickness you want without sacrificing stability and quality.




As with all our products, we take a real pride in our Laminated Timber Sections and Components, going that extra mile to ensure the best possible finished product. Every component is sawn; oversize machined, laminated and then re-machined to ensure that it completely matches your specification and also our stringent quality standards.


In terms of sizes, we can produce up to 5m long x 900mm wide by 150mm thick. And the really good news is it probably won’t cost you as much as you think! Why not try us for a free quote now.


Engineered Timbers are ideal for door sections, stair components and frame and sash sections in windows.


Benefits of Engineered Timbers:


Improved Quality

Engineered timber processes involve removing any timber sections with defects, using only the best, fault free pieces.


Durability and Stability

The engineering  process provides greater dimensional stability, decreasing the risk of shrinking, cupping, twisting or bowing. This improves thermal and acoustic performance of the timber and its appearance.



Engineered timber has a glue line that is stronger than the timber itself; it also has all defects and knots removed. This makes engineered timber 60% stronger than its solid timber alternatives.


Environmentally friendly

Engineered timber generates 25% less waste than solid timber, and the waste that is generated is recycled making engineered timber the greenest material to build with.

Forest Stewardship Council

Please note if FSC certified wood is required please specify when you enquire.

Wooden Door Components

  Section Length
Stile 72 x 120 mm 2.1M, 2.4M, 3.0M
Rails 72 x 200 mm 1.0 M, 1.2M, 2.1M – 2.4M
Stile 63 x 120 mm 2.1M, 2.4M, 3.0M
Rails 63 x 200 mm 1.0 M, 1.2M, 2.1M – 2.4M
Rails 63 x 220 mm 1.0 M, 1.2M, 2.1M – 2.4M

Available in KD European Oak Laminated (DKD) FSC Mix 70% and KD Sapele Laminated (DKD) FSC Mix 70% 

Wooden Window Components

Laminated Finger Jointed Redwood In 6 M Lengths FSC Mix 70%
63 x 75 mm (3 x 21 x 75mm Lams
63 x 125 mm (3 x 21 x 125mm Lams)
72 x 72 mm (3 x 24 x 72mm Lams)
66 x 83 mm (3 x 22 x 83mm Lams)
95 x 72 mm (4 x 23.75 x 72mm Lams)
95 x 59 mm (4 x 23.75 x 59mm Lams)

Also available in Hardwood

Softwood Stair Components

98 x 98 mm (4 x 24.50 x 98mm Lams)
38 x 275 mm 33 x 270 mm


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Machining Engineered Timber

Engineered Timber window
Manufacturing Engineered timbers

Engineered timbers

Manufacturing Engineered timbers

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