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Engineered Oak Flooring


Engineered Oak Flooring –
With Bespoke Colour Matching Service

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Engineered Oak FlooringEngineered Oak Flooring


Zamorra Multifloor can be fully bonded, floated or secret nailed to battens/joists, flooring grade ply and chipboard. Multifloor has a bevel edge and  is available as unfinished, lacquered, brushed and oiled and is stocked in Oak.

Multifloor is both diverse in appearance and installation.

At Illingworth Ingham (M/cr ) Ltd we offer a choice of in-house wax oil finish or stained lacquered finish which means you can get our engineered oak flooring stained to your exact specification and choose from a wide range of colour options. This service extends to our skirtings and architraves so you can make sure they perfectly match your floor.

Zamorra Multifloor is 20mm thick with a 6mm Oak veneer and is specifically designed to give a solid floor appearance upon installation.

This product, whilst generally compatible with most underfloor heating systems, is not guaranteed when installed over one. This is because of the diverse range of heating systems available and therefore differing guidelines would need to be issued to cover all models of installation. However, if used over such a system, manufacturers’ guidelines should be strictly adhered to.

Grading Specification –

Natural Grade

Contains the natural variations found in Oak. A slight colour variation is allowed and knots permitted. Sound and filled sapwood is allowed to a maximum 80mm in diameter.

A/B Prime Grade

Sapwood 15% of board in a full piece is allowed. Slight colour variation permitted. 3 knots allowed if smaller than 10mm. Grain no limitation


MultiFloor Oak Lacquered

1 Strip Construction

20 mm (6mm wear layer) x 190mm x 1900mm

Natural Grade White Oak

Micro bevel – 2 long/2 short ends – end matched

Multi-layer plywood base consisting of Meranti with a Birch backing layer 

Quote Code 600

MultiFloor Brushed Oiled Oak

1 Strip Construction

20 mm (6mm wear layer) x 189mm x 1860mm

Natural Grade White Oak

Micro bevel – 2 long/2 short ends – end matched

Multi-layer plywood base consisting of Meranti with a Birch backing layer 

Quote Code 603

MultiFloor Oak Unfinished

1 Strip Construction

20 mm (6mm wear layer) x 190mm x 1900mm

Natural Grade White Oak

Micro bevel – 2 long/2 short ends – end matched

Multi-layer plywood base consisting of Meranti with a Birch backing layer 

Quote Code 601

MultiFloor Oak Unfinished 240 mm Wide

1 Strip Construction

20 mm (6mm wear layer) x 240mm x 18600mm

AB prime Grade White Oak

Micro bevel – 2 long/2 short ends – end matched

Multi-layer plywood base consisting of Meranti with a Birch backing layer 

Quote Code 608


If you have selected one of our unfinished flooring ranges (Code 601/608) then you can have a further choice in terms of the colours and finishes that are available to you. At Illingworth Ingham (M/cr) Ltd we have selected what we believe are some of the finest available products on the market

 Oil Finish



Our coloured oils are more durable than a standard floor oil. They work into the grain well to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood. They produce a natural, matt finish. Available in a range of 12 natural colours they can be professionally applied for you in our Trafford Park production plant, ready for delivery to you.

Oak flooring colours


Stained And Lacquered Finish

If you are looking for a more glossy or satin effect finish then you can choose a colour from the Holzol floor oil range and then have it professionally stained and lacquered at our Trafford  Park production plant.

You can of course choose just to have a stain applied without the lacquer if you prefer.

Holzol oil and wood stain samples can be supplied on request.

Stained And Lacquered Finishes





Wood Floor Underlay Barrier Plus Polyfoam Underlay

Barrier Plus is a high quality, closed cell polyethylene foam. It is laminated on both sides with a clear barrier to provide exceptional protection against moisture migration from the subfloor. 

Barrier Plus takes out unevenness in the subfloor
surface and boasts excellent thermal and
sound insulating properties.

Clear vapour barrier on both sides
Double Overlap.

Size 1m x 15m (15m²)

Thickness 3mm

Ref GB2

Barrier Jointing Tape

The integrated double overlap joint and waterproof Barrier Plus Cloth Tape ensure maximum joint seal efficiency.

Roll Size 50mm x 15m (15m2)”

TUPLEX® Complete Moisture Management System

Tuplex® underlay meets every critical demand for laminate and engineered wood floors – plus it doesn’t trap moisture between the vapour barrier and the sub-floor.

Exclusive Airflow Technology – allows air to constantly circulate, carrying moisture to the floor’s perimeter where it harmlessly evaporates. Chemical treatments temporarily inhibit mould growth but do not eliminate moisture’s long term threat. Airflow technology is the safe, natural way to protect floors and the living environment.

Dual Moisture Barrier – the outer films are extruded with a special blend of PE resins and additives to deliver exceptional moisture protection and long life performance.

Extremely High Resistance To Compression – over a seven day test period, Tuplex® lost only 4% of its thickness under load corresponding to approx 600k/M². Commonly used foams lost 56% of their thickness in the same test.

Unique Self-levelling And Crushproof Consistency – thousands of built-in PolyShims eliminate slight variations and provide even, firm, long-lasting support. Variations in a subfloor surface can cause movement where the planks of floating flooring are joined together. Movement weakens the joints which may lead to squeaking floors and possible separation of the planks.

Sound Features Tuplex® underlay meets the latest requirements for impact sound isolation (20dB). It also provides a deep rich solid sound in the room.

Ideal With Floor Heating Tuplex® has a low thermal resistance which makes it ideal to use with a floor heating system

Roll Size 1.1m x 30m (33m²)

Thickness 3mm

Diameter 32cm

Ref TX1



The Zamorra flooring range has been developed to be easy to maintain with a lasting quality and long term durability. This guarantee covers the product against normal wearing throughout the complete depth of the hardwood wear layer in a domestic environment for a specific period of 10 years from the date of installation, provided that the product is installed and maintained in accordance with the Zamorra Installation Guidelines and Zamorra Floor Care information.



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