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Dark Red Meranti

Dark Red Meranti


Timber Specification for Dark Red Meranti


Please note if PEFC certified wood is required please specify at time of placing an order.

Dark Red Meranti

Dark Red Meranti is a 100% clear grade hardwood that is native to Southeast Asia. It is often used as an alternative to Mahogany.


General joinery, windows, shopfitting, furniture, parquet floors, boat building and construction.


Colour – Sapwood is purplish in colour and not clearly demarcated from heartwood. Heartwood is dark brown to deep red and sometimes deep purple. Conspicuous white dammer or red streaks.

Grain – Interlocked.

Texture – Medium


Strength – High bending strength in air-dry conditions (12% moisture approx.). Compares favourably with Teak. Maximum crushing strength medium, which is lower than Teak. Moderately hard.

Weight – High about 670 kg/m³.

Ease Of Drying – Slowly and fairly difficult to dry. Warping may occur. Thick material may check and end split.

Movement In Service – Small – Dimensional stability after seasoning and holds shape well.

Preservative Treatment – Heartwood varies from resistant to very resistant. Sapwood fairly permeable to permeable.

Working properties

Sawing – Generally easy to saw but the presence of interlocked grain may cause sawn surfaces to be fibrous.

Moulding – Moulds easily to produce clean surfaces.

Routing – Usually easy to rout with machine tools.

Planing – Generally easy to plane and work in most operations, a reduced cutting angle to 20 degrees is recommended where there is interlocking grain.

Boring – Relatively easy

Mortising – easily and cleanly with sharp tools

Steam Bending – Poor

Turning – Generally good

Carving – Generally good

Screwing – Good

Nailing – Good

Gluing – Good


Polishing – Good

Staining – Satisfactory


Meranti Hardwood Timber Texture
Dark Red Meranti Wood


Red Meranti
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