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Ekki tropical hardwood



SC certified EKKI available on request.


Ekki is a tropical hardwood sourced from West Africa


While Ekki is too hard for some purposes, it is suitable for heavy construction. It is commonly used for Bridges, boatbuilding, marine applications, decking, and flooring. It is ideal for all forms of marine work including sea defences, piling, groynes and jetties and any use where high strength and durability is a prime requirement. It is one of the most durable timbers you can find.


Ekki can be difficult to work with, particularly due to its density and interlocked grain which can cause tearout. It can cause blunting of sharp edges and is difficult to glue due to its high oil content. It can be machined and must be pre-bored for nailing. However, it’s longevity makes up for any difficulties.


Ekki is one of the most durable woods known. It is a tough wood that is rated as very durable. It has a good resistance to insect attacks and good weathering properties.


Ekki has an interlocked grain with a close texture.


Ekki has a dark reddish heartwood. The pores contain light coloured mineral deposits which appear as streaks throughout the wood. The sapwood is a pale pinkish white and is sharply defined from the heartwood.


The wood is extremely hard and heavy, weighing 960 to 1120 kg/m³ when dried.


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